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Disrupt or be disrupted

Posted by Jo Sidhu on 5 November 2019

“Disrupt or be disrupted”. That was the message from Keith Block, Co-CEO of SalesForce, the multibillion-dollar cloud-based software company, to the audience at this year’s Barclays New Frontiers Conference. Legl’s CEO, Julia Salasky, picked up on this theme on a panel discussing the role of technology in increasing access to justice.

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5 lessons for law firms from LawNet

Posted by Jo Sidhu on 28 October 2019
Last week LawNet, the network for independent law firms in the UK and Ireland, published its white paper, Targeting Exceptional Client Experience. Here we summarise the top 5 lessons for law firms from LawNet.
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Ready for the SRA's new accounting rules?

Posted by Jo Sidhu on 24 October 2019
New rules come into force on November 25th - are you ready for the change? In this article we run through the main changes, and what this means for law firms.
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The Law Society's Intro to LawTech

Posted by Jo Sidhu on 9 October 2019
Technology can help lawyers increase efficiency, reduce costs and  achieve better outcomes for clients, finds the Law Society.
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Why we've created a parent brand

Posted by Julia Salasky on 1 October 2019

As a lawyer, it seems to me like we have an obligation not just to be part of an imperfect system, but to think about how we can make the system itself a bit better.

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How client demand is changing payments

Posted by Jo Sidhu on 1 October 2019

We live in an age of online payments - it has never before been easier to buy the things you need. This change is coming to legal services and it’s being driven by client demand.
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