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Disrupting legal practice

Posted by Jo Sidhu on Sep 27, 2019 5:17:43 PM
Innovation - particularly across law firms - isn’t something that can be forced. The key to disrupting the legal industry is to either do something better than the existing market, or create really attractive alternatives to accepted practices.
This was one of the lessons that Julia Salasky, CEO here at Legl, told a packed audience at the launch of the Legal Access Challenge. 

Lawtech is revolutionising legal practice

Disruption is more important than ever in the legal sector. It's commonly accepted that the adoption of technology in law lags behind sectors such as financial services and insurance - backed up by a recent Law Society survey

Established firms are facing a threat from newer, "challenger" firms who are reaping the benefits from this tech revolution - and if they don't follow suit soon, this could have a marked impact on the face of the UK legal industry.

It's also a no-brainer. Think of it - if all of lawyers' 'extra' work - admin, chasing payments, tracking potential customers, billing, invoicing (to name but a few) - could be made quicker and easier, the knock-on benefit to clients, the firm, and lawyers themselves would be massive!

Here’s Julia in her own words, sharing her thoughts on the Legal Access Challenge stage

Better, faster, smarter

Across LegalTech, we've identified two exciting areas where tech can help law firms operate better, faster and smarter.

  1. Tech that helps lawyers provide clients with a better service.
  2. Tech that enables clients to do things on their own, bypassing the need for lawyer input.

Here at Legl, we like to think we're in both buckets. We're creating flexible tools which streamline lawyers' workflows, allow them to take on more clients and ensure that they get paid up-front, with certainty, for the work they do. We're also focussed on helping your clients navigate the legal system more easily - providing them with tools, resources and support to get their legal matters off the ground.

We see technology at the centre of all of this. 

Our entire platform is designed for lawyers, reducing admin and freeing them up to provide their clients with better service. From private whip-rounds via invite-only fundraising pages for smaller, personal matters, to full-scale public funding, and tools which help lawyers turn enquiries into paying clients - we're thinking about every element of how lawyers and their clients interact when it comes to payments.

Change that's long overdue

Firms should be actively seeking out opportunities for their lawyers to do less low-value work. It takes a particular mindset to look for innovative solutions, but we're seeing first hand how firms embracing the value of legal tech really benefit. Hundreds of law firms have already seen the upside of working with CrowdJustice.

Disruption shapes the future. For the legal industry, it's long overdue.

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