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Trends in Consumer Legal Services

Posted by Jo Sidhu on 10 December 2019

This is the age of the customer. It's clear that the firms which will succeed and thrive are those which understand the needs of their clients and put their experience at the centre of everything they do. Which is why we surveyed over 800 consumers and asked them what they want from their lawyer.

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Legl Leader in Tech Interview - Mark A. Cohen

Posted by Jo Sidhu on 4 December 2019

How can legal technology make legal services more relevant to consumers and what’s holding the legal sector back? We speak to Mark A. Cohen, CEO and Founder of Legal Mosaic, global thought leader on legal technology and regular contributor to Forbes.

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Five takeaways from the Legal Futures Innovation Conference

Posted by Jo Sidhu on 29 November 2019

This year’s Legal Futures Innovation Conference brought together hundreds of lawyers, technologists and industry experts innovating legal services. In case you missed the event, here are my five key takeaways.

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How to turn managing AML risk into a competitive advantage

Posted by Jo Sidhu on 27 November 2019

Traditionally, law firms have spent hundreds of hours managing anti-money laundering risk to meet regulatory obligations. But now there is a new breed of law firm - one which uses technology to turn managing this risk into a competitive advantage.

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What’s all the fuss about the SRA’s new rules?

Posted by Jo Sidhu on 25 November 2019

Today the SRA’s published its new Standards & Regulations (STARs) and it has got people talking. Not just because STAR puns in legal are fun (they are), and not because the new rules dramatically change regulatory obligations (they don't). In fact, as Crispin Passmore, former SRA director and legal consultant says, “The case for worrying is low”. So what’s all the fuss about?

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Legl Leader in Tech Interview - Sam Moore

Posted by Jo Sidhu on 19 November 2019

Sam Moore is Scotland’s first accredited legal technologist and Burness Paull’s dedicated Innovation Manager. We talk to him about why legal technology is important to the modern law firm.

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